Established in March 2014 and located in Holzkirchen south of Munich, Germany, bioeq GmbH is a subsidiary of bioeq IP AG (, a joint venture between Polpharma Group and Strüngmann Group (Santo Holding) registered at Zurich, Switzerland.
bioeq is active in the development of biosimilar drugs for global markets in compliance with the stringent quality standards required for approval and distribution in the EU, US and other highly regulated countries.

bioeq is acting as a service provider for both shareholders, being responsible for the development of their biosimilar pipeline. The company's main expertise is in Clinical Development, Regulatory Affairs, Medical Device Development, Intellectual Property, Program Management and Quality. bioeq GmbH is pursuing the development of several of the so-called "third wave" biosimilars, for which patent protection is due to expire within the next decade

bioeq’s management team

Mission Statement

bioeq develops biosimilar drugs in accordance with the stringent standards of the highly regulated pharmaceutical industry such as the US, Europe, Canada and Japan to provide patients worldwide with access to a wider range of affordable, safe and high-quality medicines.